About us

With over 20 years of experience in financial, accounting and consulting, we are able to address your demands by offering dedicated services at international standards and high competitiveness. Both our company and the solely associate were awarded by CECCAR in 2016 for the outstanding results obtained in the county, respectively in Bucharest.

Adina Luca has more than 22 years of experience in financial accounting, tax consultancy and financial management, activities in consulting and accounting companies with the management of over 50 clients simultaneously, as well as financial director and member of the Board of Directors for real estate companies and specialized professional services.

The professional activity is distinguished by the provision of counseling services to foreign start-ups that have subsequently developed investments in Romania, accounting and accounting supervision services for clients from different fields of activity, preparation of statutory financial statements and IFRS, consultancy and assistance to clients in periods of tax inspections or auditing.

Mihai Luca has more than 22 years experience in business consulting and audit at BIG 4, financial management project in General Electric and financial management as CFO in private equity funds.

Throughout the 22 years of experience in Financial Accounting Consultancy and Financial Management, through numerous missions addressed in various fields of activity, he has managed to bring added value and performance to the business with whom he entered into business relations.

The fact that we work closely with our customers to maximize the efficiency of our services is the key to success in a changing business environment.