The accounting services offered include financial accounting, management accounting, accounting consultancy, as well as the reporting segment of tax returns and the financial statements reporting. The services are delivered at our headquarters using specialized accounting and reporting software, with the possibility of direct importing data from your own system, where applicable, as well as real-time information regarding the financial KPIs and the most relevant management reports which you need. The accounting services package includes:

  • chronological registration of documents;
  • financial and management accounting;
  • drafting the journal register, the inventory register, the fiscal register, the VAT journals;
  • drawing up the monthly trial balance;
  • establishing the monthly and quarterly payment obligations, drawing up the documents for the payment;
  • drawing up and filing tax returns;
  • drawing up and submitting the balance sheet;
  • the organization of the accounting department;
  • other financial statements specific to the activity;
  • representing the company in front of the Tax Authorities;
  • timely informative notes to the company’s management regarding the new regulations on fiscal and financial-accounting issues.

Also, for customers who have an internal accounting department, we offer the following types of financial statement verification and validation services:

  • verification of primary documents and accounting records;
  • the compliance of the accounting documents with the operational status of the contracts and the transactions that generated them;
  • risk identification and advice to reduce or eliminate them altogether;
  • checking or, as the case may be, filing and filing tax returns (tax on proft, VAT, D390, D394);
  • preparation of financial statements in accordance with Romanian accounting standards;
  • preparing financial statements according to international financial reporting standards, upon request;
  • assistance during checks by tax authorities and other state institutions;
  • financial analysis and process optimization in order to maximize economic and financial indicators;
  • cash flow forecasting consultancy, drafting budgets on projects and / or the company.

For permanent offices (branch) of non-resident companies, we offer accounting and tax services in accordance with legal provisions, as well as for non-resident companies that do not have the obligation to open permanent offices (branch) in Romania but which have the obligation to report VAT on Romanian territory, we provide accounting services and VAT reporting – VAT journals, VAT return, Declaration on intra-community acquisitions / deliveries of goods and services, INTRASTAT statement. For free lance and liberal professions (PFA), we provide accounting and income tax reporting and mandatory social contributions statements.


The activity of accounting expertise involves a research, analysis and evaluation activity made by an accountant at the request of the judicial institutions in order to clarify some financial-accounting disputes.

The subject of the accounting expertise is the investigation of trial files, accounting expertise aimed to clarifying facts that are strictly related to the cause.

Accounting expertise supports primary documents and records of financial and commercial events and transactions in accounting. Consult Consultant Leader is competent to conduct out-of-court expertise or own – expert services at the request of a litigation party when the company has all the defenses or actions and can prove it by supporting the expertise ordered by the court through the selected own -expert.

We also perform accounting and tax expertise on request, in the case of financial statements resulting from the performance of commercial contracts between the parties, for certain clarifications or in the situation where there are doubts about the way of calculation and the establishment of taxes and duties, by control institutions.

Not a few were the situations where the client’s chosen expert, having a faithful image of the disputed processes, has a decisive role in understanding the judicial expertise and in clarifying the issues that an external judicial expert cannot fully know.