Taxation is a complex and dynamic field, which brings many challenges to which the business environment is exposed. A healthy and effective guidance and application of fiscal measures in the sense of both complying with the legal provisions and optimizing the tax burden is decisive for the profitability of your business.

Our team is ready to solve all the tax issues you are facing, regardless of the field of activity in which you activate, by:

  • Consultancy on accounting and tax legislation;
  • Information on legislative changes;
  • Consultancy on tax and tax optimization;
  • Financial and tax advice on making managerial or executive decisions;
  • Consultancy and management assistance regarding the organization of the accounting department;
  • Ensure integration of tax issues in line with business specificity;
  • Assistance on accounting and tax issues, updating according to legislative changes;
  • Detailed analysis of the fiscal position in order to identify fiscal risks and create opportunities for fiscal optimization;
  • Advice on the choice of a legal form that is appropriate from a tax point of view;
  • Correspondence with tax authorities;
  • Fiscal Forecast;
  • Drafting / Verifying tax returns to ensure compliance with applicable legal provisions;
  • Due Tax Diligence in the process of reorganizing and / or restructuring your business.

Assistance services during fiscal inspections and audit:

  • Support and assistance during tax audits and inspections;
  • Support and assistance during the audit;
  • Tax assistance during litigation Consultancy and assistance services for individuals.

We also offer tax advice and assistance to authorized PFAs, liberal professions and individuals to fill in, deposit and comply with the D212 Single Payment Statement, in accordance with the new provisions stipulated by OUG 18/2018.